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Anything that distinguishes a company's product from other, similar products. Examples of brands include logos, catchphrases, or symbols. Brands make a product more recognizable and therefore are likely to attract customers and customer loyalty. There is often a sense among consumers that brand products are somehow better than off-brand or generic products; as a result, brand products are usually more expensive.


a distinctive name, term, sign, symbol or design used to identify a firm's product and to distinguish it from similar products offered by competitors. A brand may be given legal protection through the use of TRADEMARKS and COPYRIGHT. See BRANDING.


the name, term or symbol given to a product by a supplier in order to distinguish his offering from that of similar products supplied by competitors. Brand names are used as a focal point of PRODUCT DIFFERENTIATION between suppliers.

In most countries, brand names and trade marks are required to be registered with a central authority so as to ensure that they are uniquely applied to a single, specific product. This makes it easier for consumers to identify the product when making a purchase and also protects suppliers against unscrupulous imitators. See INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS, BRAND TRANSFERENCE.

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The best examples of a "University only" branding strategy (U) are reflected by the MBA programs at Harvard, Stanford, and Illinois.
As part of the new branding strategy, the companies operating under the Susquehanna Wealth Management brand will share a new, common logo design and will be co-branded as "a Susquehanna Wealth Management Company.
As part of this Macy's branding strategy, Federated will be introducing new reinvent features aimed at making the shopping experience more convenient and enjoyable in five major regional markets this year.
The Literary Cafe, as a subsidiary of the Company, intends to acquire existing, develop new, and own and operate branded retail coffee bars under a prep-identified regional clustering and branding strategy, initially establishing The Literary Cafe brand in specific key, targeted markets, internationally.
OTCBB:ABCI), innovative producer of snowboard, wakeboard and skateboard products today unveiled its product branding strategy for Fiscal 2002 and beyond.
At Microsoft, he developed and executed the company's branding strategy which included the naming and launch of such products as Microsoft Windows.
The launch of WISMO Pac also signals a new Wavecom product definition and branding strategy.
UXB will work closely with New Visual Entertainment to build a branding strategy first, and then develop a tactical plan focused on delivering a measurable impact in meeting their growth objectives.