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The methods and training tools currently being offered to help advisors drive electronic enrollment with their investors include training presentations, how-to guides, motivation from branch office managers, and incentive programs for rewarding e-delivery users.
She serves as a resource to all branch office managers and other company officers regarding all financial business matters.
Find out how much financial managers, HR directors, IT managers, marketing directors, project managers, branch office managers, and principals are earning in the most successful design and environmental firms.
July 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Securities America's commitment to helping branch office managers improve and expand their business is producing results.
Wellmann joined Allianz earlier this year as vice president of Branch Office Development, working closely with Questar Capital, a division of Allianz Life, and its branch office managers at each Allianz Distribution Group (wholly-owned) Field Marketing Office (FMO) to maximize recruiting and sales development efforts.
Robbery awareness training: To increase security in Secretary of State offices, Secretary Land implemented robbery awareness training for branch office managers, to ensure they know how to respond should a robbery occur.
The firm's system assigned front line supervisory responsibility to branch office managers, even though the Long Island managers were inexperienced or had previously been disciplined for failure to supervise.
Physical plant and facility upgrades - to enhance accessibility and safety, Land is working with branch office managers and landlords to repair crumbling pavement in branch office parking lots; improve lighting; increase security measures and make sure all physical plant operations, such as heating and air conditioning systems, are working properly.
She will be working with all four of our branch office managers to further expand the marketing and delivery of our entire range of business banking products and services.
In his new position, he will provide seasoned guidance to our branch office managers and financial consultants, recruit new talent, promote product training and advance customer development through the gathering of assets.
Sweeney will be responsible for daily communication with Janney's branch office managers, Financial Consultants and department associates regarding all Private Client Group administrative issues in order to streamline current and implement new and more efficient branch operations policies and procedures.
The Company also stated that it recently held its National Meeting of all Hooper Holmes' branch office managers and field and home office management team members, kicking off its 100 year anniversary.
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