net income

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Net income

The company's total earnings, reflecting revenues adjusted for costs of doing business, depreciation, interest, taxes and other expenses.


A company's total revenue less its operating expenses, interest paid, depreciation, and taxes. For example, suppose a widget manufacturer earns $1,000,000 in total revenue. The widgets cost $200,000 to make and his administrative and payroll expenses total $250,000. He also must subtract $50,000 in depreciation on his widget manufacturing equipment and pay $200,000 in taxes. His net income is stated as: $1,000,000 - $200,000 - $250,000 - $50,000 - $200,000 = $300,000.

net income

Income after all expenses and taxes have been deducted. Net income, the most frequently viewed figure in a firm's financial statements, is used in calculating various profitability and stock performance measures including price-earnings ratio, return on equity, earnings per share, and many others. Also called aftertax profit, bottom line, net, net profit, profit. Compare gross profit.

Net income.

Net income is the amount of money a corporation has earned after subtracting all of the expenses of producing its goods or services from the income or revenue it has realized from sales of those goods or services.

net income


net income

Operating income after deduction of all expenses. See net operating income.
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