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So long as I have not borrowed money from them, I need pay them no attention.
de Conde, always needy as a De Conde, often borrowed money at enormous interest.
His mother always looked down upon him after this; but borrowed money of him also--in order to show, I suppose, that her maternal interest in her son was not quite extinct.
He borrowed money right and left, engaging and paying six other men to bring up the flour in half as many more poling-boats.
The furs began to fall in value; this only increased his irresolution; they sunk so much that he feared to sell at all; he borrowed money on Mr.
A man who did not know that the Countess Narona had borrowed money at Homburg of no less a person than Lord Montbarry, and had then deluded him into making her a proposal of marriage, was a man who had probably never heard of Lord Montbarry himself.
You would never have borrowed money of him--but you would have trusted him with untold gold.
He was one of those worshippers of Zverkov who made up to the latter from interested motives, and often borrowed money from him.
Luigi borrowed money to meet the expenses of Ginevra's confinement.
Laurence's more generous offers, and accepted the place of bookkeeper, feeling better satisfied to begin with an honestly earned salary than by running any risks with borrowed money.
He borrowed money in stupendous amounts--$150,000,000 at one time--and flung it into a campaign of red- hot development.
He had not borrowed money in that way, for excellent reasons.