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As a result of a law passed in September 2010, students in California who are entering the seventh grade, as well as transfer students who are entering the eighth through twelfth grades, must show proof of having received a whooping cough booster shot.
More recently, I tried to get a booster shot for my teenage daughter after an injury.
All the things this country so desperately needed a booster shot of.
This research thus suggests that even everyday gratitude serves an important relationship maintenance mechanism in close relationships, acting as a booster shot to the relationship.
Such a campaign would involve an initial vaccination to build up the immune system followed by a booster shot as soon as the first signs of a pandemic emerge.
Small children should get a series of immunizations against whooping cough and a booster shot is recommended for people aged 11-18 and for adults aged 19 to 64 who expect to have close contact with an infant.
If immunity to hepatitis E wanes, Innis says, scientists might design a booster shot, as they did for the whooping cough vaccine.
HEAT IT UP: Does your relationship need a romance booster shot just in time for Valentine's Day?
Health care for Reservists received a booster shot April 25.
Adults and adolescents require a booster shot every 10 years throughout life to maintain protection.
Recommended ages for the doses are two, four, and six months, with a booster shot between four and six years.
Worse yet, AIDS has more recently been given a booster shot from crack, the drug that is ravaging poor communities from New York City to Portland, Oregon.