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Loop basically creates 3-second GIFs that have the Boomerang effect.
Its continued pressure on Pakistan and pushing it to the wall would also have a boomerang effect.
It's the boomerang effect of a dysfunctional leadership,' he said.
The smarter a person is, the greater his or her ability to rationalise and reinterpret discordant information, and the greater the polarising boomerang effect is likely to be.
Summary: A few parents discover that their initial cleverness with naming can, in later life, have a boomerang effect
The Minister of State said that the echoes of anti-Imran slogans resonating throughout the country now were the boomerang effect of what he had been doing since 2013.
But there could be a boomerang effect -- a bigger jihadi threat in countries to which the fleeing fighters return.
He underlined that the West's supports for the ISIL has had boomerang effect and backfired in the two big terrorist attacks in the European countries.
But a delay of game penalty created a dramatic boomerang effect for the visitors.
Tirona warned the government that its action of hiding the refugees would have a boomerang effect and urged Malacanang to address the issues raised by the UN official.
Magnetic Motherwell have managed to pull back James McFadden, Stevie Hammell, Stephen Craigan, John Sutton, Stephen Pearson, Keith Lasley and Scott McDonald in recent years and now Clarkson is the latest to succumb to the boomerang effect.
True, there are some Israeli leaders who advocate stringent apartheid for the Palestinians instead of effecting genocide on the ground that genocide could backfire and might generate a harmful boomerang effect.