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Because the bond paper already has bleach added to it, the processed pulp can stay fresh for about two weeks, if stored in a cool place.
a leading provider of digital imaging solutions, has recently introduced two new large format papers for the Company's line of imagePROGRAF large format printers - Canon Polished Rag and High Resolution Coated Bond papers.
High Print Quality on Plain Paper -- Canon's new ink formula dries 100 times faster than conventional inks which is ideal for printing on plain and bond paper.
bond paper, enabling users to print on transparencies, card stock, envelopes and labels.
Documents can be produced on bond paper, film or vellum at 13 A-size, 11 B-size, eight C-size, six D-size or 3.
Providing photo quality color, Adobe PostScript 3, and more, the XANTE ColourLaser produces accurate color and clear, crisp text on a wide range of paper types including ordinary bond paper or specialty stocks such as coated, card, transparencies, laser quality labels, and envelopes.
This means, for example, that a printer with two or more paper trays can easily and efficiently print page one of a document on letterhead and the rest of the document on regular bond paper.
In paper, Rittenhouse is primarily a converter of large rolls of paper into products such as cut/roll, bond paper, thermal, point-of-sale, ATM and wide format papers.
Tenders are invited for White Security Bond Paper 130 Gsm Plus/Minus 5 Percent With Ir Logo Watermark To Is: 1848/2007 For Type Of Paper At Serial No.
First Union uses approximately 300 million sheets of bond paper per year, not including forms and envelopes.
Plain bond paper is acceptable for many everyday documents incorporating images and non-overlapping solid color areas.
60 grams bond paper white color 11 "x 17",bond role of 60 grams of various colors (celeste, pink, yellow, or green) 11 "x 17" divided into 275 reams of each color.