Blue chip stock

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Blue Chip Stock

Stock in a well-known and highly respected publicly-traded company. Blue chip companies are usually financially sound and are thought to be relatively low-risk investments. They tend to be less volatile than other companies and to provide solid growth to portfolios. Examples in the United States include General Electric and Coca-Cola. Indices such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average tracks blue chip stocks.

Blue chip stock.

Blue chip stock is the common stock of a large, well-regarded US company. The companies in that informal category are collectively known as blue chip companies. Blue chips have a long-established record of earning profits and paying dividends regardless of the economic climate.

They take their name from the most valuable poker chips. In the United Kingdom, in contrast, comparable firms are called alpha companies.

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On the selection of the 30 blue-chip stocks, Perrett said the stocks had to meet specific criteria to be included, such as market capitalisation, free float availabilityand liquidity.
A poor opening for US markets increased the pressure on London's blue-chip stocks late in the session after corporate giants General Motors and Citigroup were hit with downgrades.
If you'll notice the market's movements you'll see that for today, the gainers and losers are practically even so the market was really led by selected buying of blue-chip stocks led by Ayala Land and Ayala Corp.
The Cyclical Index tracks the movements of blue-chip stocks that tend to be affected by shifts in U.
1 percent, while indexes that track blue-chip stocks have remained flat.
Buy big into blue-chip stocks - For the past few months, DailyWealth editor Dan Ferris has harped on the unbelievable values blue-chip stocks represent right now.
Summary: Indian shares rebounded on Tuesday from two-month lows hit in the previous session as blue-chip stocks such as Reliance Industries gained on short-covering ahead of the expiry of June derivative contracts later this week.
1, with 14 blue-chip stocks managing gains of 5% or more.
4 in early trading as blue-chip stocks regained most of their losses from the previous session following a strong finish on Wall Street overnight.
BLUE-CHIP stocks fell sharply yesterday as nervy investors caught sight of more gloomy economic data on the US horizon.
A price weighted average of 30 actively traded blue-chip stocks, primarily industrial industry stocks that trade on the New York Stock Exchange.
The income and growth preservation model she endorses is: 50% blue-chip stocks, which she says have had a 10% to 12% average return since 1920; 40% short-term bonds, like treasuries and corporate securities; and finally 10% in "cash on hand" instruments, like money market mutual funds and CDs.