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Blue Book

A publication estimating the value of automobiles. It is especially known for used vehicles, but is also provides values for new cars, motor homes and other vehicles. It was first published in 1926, and is formally known as the Kelley Blue Book.

Blue book

Any number of pocket-sized reference books on a wide variety of topics.The ones most relevant to real estate are The Blue Book of Building and Construction (,The Apartment Blue Book (,and The Realty Blue Book.

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With Quick Values, users receive instant access to the full range of trusted Kelley Blue Book new and used-car values, including industry-relevant information not available on kbb.
The Blue Book is the indispensable source of information about Oregon government.
The Blue Book is committed to meeting the needs of the construction community," explains Jeff Fandl, Editor of The Blue Book.
The Mobile Device Blue Book is published monthly and contains the following information about the mobile devices available on the major U.
Featuring all twenty-two Blue Book regional directories, thebluebook.