Blue book

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Blue Book

A publication estimating the value of automobiles. It is especially known for used vehicles, but is also provides values for new cars, motor homes and other vehicles. It was first published in 1926, and is formally known as the Kelley Blue Book.

Blue book

Any number of pocket-sized reference books on a wide variety of topics.The ones most relevant to real estate are The Blue Book of Building and Construction (,The Apartment Blue Book (,and The Realty Blue Book.

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The proletarian writer Jack Conroy first read London, Dreiser, Gorky, and Bellamy in Blue Book editions while on the picket lines of a 1922 railroad strike (Wixson 1985, xii).
The Blue Book drew heavily on statements from 47 different witnesses to produce a stinging criticism of the German colonial period in Namibia.
Because the Blue Book is GFOA's oldest and most important single publication, the release of a new GAAFR is clearly an event in its own right.
Responsibilities will also include the task of continued work with the electronic Blue Book vendor to ensure this web educational tool incorporates the next version of the Blue Book.
Lane County has been on the cover of the Blue Book twice - both of them coastal scenes.
The BIA has contracted with McLean Communications, publisher of New Hampshire Business Review, New Hampshire Magazine, New Hampshire Bride, Parenting New Hampshire, New Hampshire Home and other custom publishing pieces, to produce the Blue Book and sell advertising and sponsorships in the publication.
The report was generated by Kelley Blue Book Market Intelligence Brand Watch study.
The recent release of the latest version of Governmental Accounting, Auditing, and Financial Reporting, offers an excellent opportunity to review the history of the Blue Book and the unique role it has played in accounting and financial reporting for state and local governments.
Blue Book Editor and Consultant will work closely with the Blue Book Committee, Editorial Board,