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In his inaugural speech Prime Minister of Malaysia appreciated the professors of INSEAD (a business school) on writing a book on Blue Ocean Strategy, which he adopted for his country resulting in at least 90 initiatives being taken by his government to facilitate the public.
From the strategic viewpoint, due to the agility of the judo and blue ocean strategy models, the BJP model could assist companies to formulate and prioritize dynamic competitive strategic objectives, especially in the wavy markets requiring an exact competitive framework.
The Art of Consultative Selling in IT: Taking Blue Ocean Strategy a Step Ahead
Following the blue ocean strategy, Din Somethearith, Co-founder and CEO of Frangipani Hotel Group says successful entrepreneurs can't stick with the same business, they need to upgrade, renovate and reform their business patterns gradually to welcome new customers and new markets if they wish to sustain after the integration.
Political leaders and high-profile international figures such as US President Barack Obama and Prof W Chan Kim, author of business strategy book Blue Ocean Strategy, are also expected to attend the two-day summit.
Ting, who is the Regional Vice President at the Malaysia-based UCSI Blue Ocean Strategy Regional Centre, will help participants develop the right strategic mindset to make choices that will bring about sustainable breakthrough growth in a synergistic manner.
Business is all about innovation and this blue ocean strategy," he added.
In 2009, the first Dogtas exclusive furniture store joined hands with Blue Ocean Strategy and made a breakthrough in the world market as a furniture manufacturing leader.
The symposium tackled a variety of topics outlined in Blue Ocean Strategy, such as the mechanisms for unlocking profitable growth by creating uncontested market spaces; identifying the patterns and principles for creating new market opportunities; and applying the Blue Ocean Strategy principles, frameworks and tools to create value innovation.
Essentially, Blue Ocean Strategy is the idea that a business or organization can develop demand in a new market space, instead of competing in heavily contested markets.
Middle East Management Centre (MEMC) will conduct Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) executive workshops for the first time in the Middle East region in Abu Dhabi and Doha.
niche marketing (Chapter 2), leader versus follower in market entry decisions (Chapter 8), and preference for competitive positioning versus blue ocean strategy (Chapter 6).