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The author used street-length, street-hierarchy-weighting and street-house-bearing to determine weights corresponding to residential density, which was then used to distribute population gathered at tract level to block group level in Erie County, New York.
While using 25 percent as a cutoff between "higher" and "lower" proportion of a race/ethnicity in a block group was somewhat arbitrary, our results were robust to different cutoffs and operationalizations (sensitivity analysis available upon request).
Prior work looking at neighborhood context and maltreatment has been done at block group (Friesthler, Needell, & Gruenewald, 2005), tract (Coulton et al.
Per capita public assistance, census 2000 block group
The circle's radius was enlarged until it included the centroid of the next closest census block group (based on the distances between centroids), and the number of cases was recalculated.
Zip code and block group boundary files typically have to be purchased separately.
Next, we included measures of block group population density and SES, distance to the nearest large supermarket, and distance to nearest recreation area in our models.
The Jon Block Group has had a number of recent articles published in SPINE, including "Safety and effectiveness of bone allografts in anterior cervical discectomy and fusion surgery" (Spine 2011;36(24):2045-2050), a collaboration between Drs.
In Mugglin and Carlin's (1998) medical study, disease counts are interpolated from the tract to block group level using population counts, rural/ urban designation, and proximity to waste sites as covariates.
Our "baseline prevalence" is based on the racial/ethnic composition of the Census Block Group to which the residence of the individual was geocoded.
and Basic Block Group at Springdale and recently joined J.