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Online upgrade auctions that allow travellers with cheap tickets to make blind bids for unfilled business class seats are on the rise, and airlines across the world are adopting this innovative new way of making extra cash.
We were forced to quickly build our own auction platform and gather blind bids, through our website," he said.
And the best way to do that is blind bids, but it has not really helped when people overbid and go under.
But blind bids for either pair of Henson's boots can be sent to The Toby Lloyd Cockbain Foundation, PO Box 4177, CF14 8AF.
It's called Auctionair and involves making blind bids for various "lots" ranging from a drinking course at Sotheby's (worth pounds 500) to a Mini Cooper S (valued at pounds 16,230) to flying a fighter plane over California (why not Iraq?
Rather than inviting blind bids, it opened its books to prospective partners and shared its existing costs in maintaining the Abbey Life portfolio of policies.
Members of the exchange will be able to create sealed bids, open bids and blind bids on the system -- an option no other public sector marketplace can match.
CASH Guarantee -- Allow Hunter Stone to participate in blind bids on any new .
com will be able to facilitate transactions from simple bids to reverse auctions, blind bids, swaps, futures and derivatives.
However, submitting blind bids after the market closes on New Year's weekend changes the rules in the middle of the process.
The program is still based on eliminating the posturing that takes place during traditional case negotiations and includes blind bids which remove the fear of any party 'benchmarking' their position.