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Blackberry vines extending into a public right-of-way or crossing property lines
Kesey's classic novel is about an Oregon that, like rural tractors abandoned decades ago, is virtually obscured by the blackberry vines of time.
and Pape Equipment, cleared the land, cutting through the blackberry vines and Scotch broom and cottonwoods.
The public will miss the old road crews when blackberry vines drape over guardrails, bike paths and pedestrian routes where the crews used to work.
The low-intensity fire didn't jump into the crowns of scattered ash trees, and appeared to leave blackberry vines intact, leaves still green.
Grass and weeds more than 10 inches tall, trees and shrubs that obstruct streets, alleys and sidewalks, and blackberry vines that extend into a public right-of-way or cross property lines all can be considered nuisance vegetation, said Kristi Hayden, the city's vegetation program manager.
When the park staff mowed the meadow before the trees were planted, Moriarty noticed that several natives, including the snowberry - a deciduous shrub with pea-sized flowers and blueberry-shaped white fruit - had survived under the great roping blackberry vines.