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The UAE said it would suspend BlackBerry Messenger, e-mail and web browser services on October 11, citing security concerns about encrypted data it cannot monitor.
Its BlackBerry Messenger service went offline in Canada and Latin America last month and a massive disruption hit North American customers in April 2007, but the disruptions are usually contained within one continent or region.
The UAE, where RIM has 500,000 users, has said it would suspend BlackBerry Messenger, email and Web browser services from Oct.
The Canadian company which makes BlackBerry smartphones has agreed to hand over user codes which will let Saudi authorities monitor BlackBerry Messenger activity.
For other users, much of the BlackBerry's allure was the exclusive BlackBerry Messenger service.
in the Kingdom to stop BlackBerry messenger services later this month.
The UAE said it would suspend BlackBerry Messenger, email and web browser services from October 11 until a fix was found while Saudi has ordered local telecom firms to freeze Messenger this month.
Fearing loss of custom, shopkeepers on Jeddah's Palestine Street, the city's main hub for mobile phone shops, strongly denied what they called "rumors" that BlackBerry services, including the very popular BlackBerry Messenger, may be banned in the Kingdom.
Technology has been blamed, particularly BlackBerry Messenger, for escalating the scope and intensity of the unrest, particularly among youths.
After months of waiting and false alarms Blackberry says it is rolling out its BlackBerry Messenger app for Android and iOS smartphones.
As Blackberry has completed its first stage of the turnaround process by launching a suite of new handsets and services running on the new BlackBerry 10 operating system, the next stage will focus on investing in more BlackBerry 10 products and leveraging popular services, such as BlackBerry Messenger, on other devices, including Apple Inc.
After BlackBerry reportedly did not stick to the country's regulatory requirements, the government had temporarily banned BlackBerry messenger services.