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But Lord Chief Justice Sir Declan Morgan, sitting with Lord Justice Coghlin and Mr Justice Maguire, identified two aggravating factors: her knowledge of the continued black-outs and the serious injury to other victims, as well as death.
NEARLY a quarter of Scots revellers have drunken black-outs at the office Christmas party, it was claimed yesterday.
This policy is unpopular and a vote loser because the public know that wind energy will lead us into power black-outs and costly energy, apart from the destruction of our countryside in a futile attempt to alter global climate change.
Powertherm will eliminate the possibility of brown or black-outs as well as improve the quality of power delivered to businesses.
This past summer, major black-outs and brown-outs plagued Queens and other boroughs throughout the City.
Though meant to be performed in sequence with short black-outs between each, they can be mixed, matched, or rearranged in any form the director likes.
BRITAIN could face widespread black-outs unless there is urgent investment in a new fleet of gas-fired power stations, MPs warned last night.
Roberta Hemmings said her son, who divorced 25 years ago, suffered from black-outs after a cycling accident about three years ago.
BLACK-OUTS affecting thousands of homes in south Warwickshire caused chaos in Stratford, Warwick and Kenilworth last night.
As a means of remedying the frequent black-outs and various electricity generation problems, Government has passed a motion that will convert the money owed by the BVI Electricity Corp.
He said Mrs Brain and her husband had struggled to shake off symptoms of vomiting, headaches and black-outs over a two-year period.
Typically headed by the camp director, this is a team of people who plan and initiate the camp's response to both external threats like forest fires and electrical black-outs, and internal threats such as a lost camper or severe weather plan.