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No one need comment again that it was slightly creepy that the old Captain Birdseye had a boat full of teen and pre-teen children with no other adult in sight, because the youngsters on the new Captain's boat are his grandchildren.
Benjamin was granted British Birdseye and patent No.
Because of financial constraints, Birdseye left Amherst after two years and was employed as a naturalist for a USDA biological survey in New Mexico and Arizona.
Instead of a sun-blocking, depression-inducing sea of sweat shirt gray, Birdseye sees the glow of opportunity, a resource that could help turn Eugene and Lane Community College into a beacon for pilots in training.
From 1912 Birdseye spent years in the fur trade in Labrador, where he watched the natives fishing in temperatures of fifty degrees below zero and noticed that as the fish were hauled out of the water, they froze solid.
Keach of Sherman Oaks also appeared as Clarence Birdseye in General Foods' Birds Eye television commercials.
In 1914, Clarence Birdseye watched Eskimos freeze fish on the ice.
Birdseye farmers use a flash-freezing technique that locks in flavor, texture and nutrition and ensures a long shelf-life without preservatives within hours of harvest.
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A single theme runs throughout the twenty-eight letters from East Tennessee entrepreneur Ezekiel Birdseye to New York abolitionist Gerrit Smith that appear in Durwood Dunn's new volume.
The memorable Miss Birdseye has suggested <IR> ELIZABETH PEABODY </IR> to some readers.
With BirdsEye Satellite Imagery, hunters can pinpoint buildings, powerlines, and even individual trees - directly on their Astro 320.