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For this purpose, the temperature dependence of the binding constants was measured for different temperatures at which HSA did not undergo any structural degradation.
We compare our calculated binding constants to experimental values and try to explain the general trends of binding in CA II vs.
It is more likely that the dynamic library will contain molecules that have similar binding constants for the target enzyme, making it very difficult to determine which is the best inhibitor.
We have been working very closely with the Dyax scientists for several years to optimize our System and applications for high-throughput screening of kinetic binding constants of antibodies, peptides, and proteins; and we have succeeded" said Enrico Picozza COO/CTO of HTS Biosystems.
As the Hill coefficients of the displacement curves were significantly below one, the nonlinear least squares analysis gave better approximation for the two-site model with corresponding binding constants (Table 1).
These human monoclonal antibodies had affinity levels suitable for therapeutic use with their binding constants reaching 10(10) M(-1).
20) modified the equation used by Vermeulen and Sodergard by altering the binding constants for testosterone binding to albumin and SHBG.