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For several months, ATOMS ran parallel with paper bills of materials, as we weaned our operators and debugged the new screens.
Also, while operators would build according to the new screens, we'd continue to print the paper bills of material and make them available on the engine pallets as backup.
According to Peter Lachapelle, i2 vice president, Content, "These new regulations force companies to review items included in all bills of materials for both existing and new products.
eMARIAN handles materials standardization, bills of material and requisitions, procurement and supply chain functions, fabrication tracking and site tasks including simulation, warehousing and disposition.
com Automotive so that information housed in BMW systems can be accessed for enhanced overall productivity, including loading forecast requirements on a component level, loading sales orders and loading vehicle bills of materials.
In our business, it is absolutely vital that the quality of these high performance products is maintained and the products are expediently configured to the correct bills of materials exactly as specified by the customer -- all of which Datasweep tracks.
Once a design is completed, engineers can easily create bills of materials and other documents that hot-link to activeparts.
In the initial implementation, CATWEB facilitates shipyard construction and planning by providing the necessary flexibility to display CAD models directly at the desktop, while also providing access to all the configured bills of materials.
This makes it easier for designers to gather information about Siemens' products, to incorporate Siemens components into their bills of materials, and to do comparison shopping for parts with similar specifications.
Assembly manufacturing plans can be documented to include manufacturing Bills of Materials (BOMs), time and cost estimates, and exploded views that show how to assemble components.
These powerful tools for managing the design, delivery and support of manufactured products enable users to create and manipulate Bills of Materials (BOMs) from a product structure, which is a model defining the components to be used in a given version of the product.