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Scientists, such as John Holdren mentioned above, have actually recommended adding sterilants to the water supply to curb population growth, and billionaire Ted Turner, who himself has five children and owns nearly two million acres of private land, stated in 2010 that the one-child policy of Communist China, which includes forced abortions, ought to be implemented here.
She describes her partner -- the considerably older billionaire Ted Forstmann ( head of the international sport management agency, IMG) -- as " strong like a mountain" and as someone she admires a lot.
10 /PRNewswire/ -- An Australian public interest advocate has requested NDP Leader Jack Layton address a scandal at the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission; a case involving some of the most powerful people in Canada, including billionaire Ted Rogers.
Billionaire Ted Turner, celebrity chef Todd English and George McKerrow Jr.
Contrary to local scuttlebutt, billionaire Ted Turner isn't building one of his new restaurants in North Little Rock.
The nine judges looked like a who's who of business executives and included billionaire Ted Turner himself.
NEW YORK - Billionaire Ted Turner has sold 60 million shares of AOL Time Warner Inc.
She recently filed for divorce from billionaire Ted Turner.
But bison producer and billionaire Ted Turner says it can be affordable, if they would change their habits.
And the newly-single beauty has recently been seen on the arm of billionaire Ted Forstmann .
Hurley, aged 34, has been linked to New York billionaire Ted Forstmann, although this is denied by 40-year-old Grant.
CYNICS are sneering at Jane Fonda's claim that she turned her back on Hollywood for marriage to billionaire Ted Turner because she wanted to stay home with her kids.