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Ruttenberg, Comment, The United States Bilateral Investment Treaty Program: Variations on the Model, 9 U.
Economic growth in both the countries is becoming stronger and we will resume dialogue on the bilateral investment treaty," Modi said.
Specifically, the ICSID tribunal found that the Jordanian courts' arbitrary extinguishment of the arbitration agreement in the contract between ATA and APC constituted a clear violation of international law and the Turkey-Jordan Bilateral Investment Treaty.
In 2013, the United States and Kuwait initiated exploratory discussions toward a potential bilateral investment treaty.
3 million, including interest and costs, against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela following the arbitration of claims under the Canada-Venezuela Bilateral Investment Treaty.
Russia asked the Stockholm court to declare that an international arbitral tribunal had no authority under the Spain-Russia bilateral investment treaty to hear Spanish investor claims regarding the seizure of Yukos.
Tilo Klinner urged the German investors to take full advantage of the bilateral investment treaty which would pave the way for sovereign guarantees for foreign investment in Pakistan.
Besides other arrangement for foreign investment; one of the critical tasks ahead for new chairman is to resume dialogue with US Administration on Bilateral Investment Treaty and to achieve FDI target of US$ 5.
The two countries do not have a bilateral investment treaty or taxation treaty.
Hong Kong-based Philip Morris Asia (PMA), which distributes brands such as Marlboro in Australia, will argue that Canberra is breaching a bilateral investment treaty between the two countries.
Fraport's access to the ICSID arbitration system is based on the bilateral investment treaty between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Republic of the Philippines.
Both India and Belgium have bilateral treaty to avoid dual taxation, a bilateral investment treaty, a cooperation agreement in the area of science and technology, and transport agreements.

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