Big picture

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Big picture

To highlight trading interest due to the size of the trade.

Big Picture

1. An informal term for long-term investing.

2. A large trade that increases investor interest in a security.
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In part two of this report, CARMA International sought to capture the big picture by conducting a competitive, global analysis of 50 leading companies.
Kielder Partnership director Elisabeth Rowark said: "This is a fantastic opportunity to obtain an independent view on the Big Picture.
Kerry Endsor, project manager, said: "The great thing about The Big Picture is that every single photo received will be used in the mosaic, so all of our contributors will be part of our record-breaking attempt.
We have built 22 sites for Cadbury across all brands over the past three years,' said James Edwards, managing director at Big Picture Interactive.
It's the big picture - really big picture - of communication for commerce, passing along culture and tradition, connecting with a wider society, getting in touch with a higher purpose, and helping (or forcing) people to conform.
Look at the big picture and see that our side - the side of human freedom - is winning.
Elton John's The Big Picture soars into the album chart at No 3 while Candle In The Wind stays top single.
The Big Picture, sponsored by the Arts Council West Midlands, aims to put together an album of more than 100,000 pictures submitted by people from across the region.
The piece shows real insight into the part that small insurers play in the big picture of insuranc--insight that is sometimes lacking in our own ranks.