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Table A: Examples of Best Practices in Logistics Design
IT managers must develop a strategic approach and a slate of best practices that protect its most important asset: the data supporting applications.
Best Practices in Corporate Communication discovered several global employee communication trends:
The terms standards and best practices used here refer to guidelines on aspects of managing business records issued by governmental bodies or standards-setting organizations for widespread adoption in specific countries or throughout the world.
Humentum's simulation approach has enabled our members to leverage their learnings against documented best practices, and provides them with a highly scalable methodology to learn through the experience of others," says Michael Leonetti, ASAP Chairman and head of Healthcare Partnerships at Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals.
Browsing the first 30 pages clearly proved that best practices data permeates a variety of industries, services, processes and disciplines --ranging from manufacturing, human resources, communications, consulting, education, health care, supply chains, information technology.
5 achieved the PinkVerify(TM) Service Support certification from Pink Elephant for its support of best practices in four core ITIL processes: Incident, Problem, Change and Configuration Management.
World Class Manufacturing: Best practices in supplier human resources" answers this question by identifying best practice in a range of human resource (HR) performance areas, as well as how firms should be striving to achieve this in respect of their existing HR performance levels.
OL), a global leader in visual communication, today announced receipt of the 21st Century Best Practices Award from the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) for leadership in the field of distance learning.
Nasdaq:QSFT) are helping the company create a comprehensive and far-reaching plan to make best practices for Oracle database developers, database administrators (DBAs) and managers a standardized and practical reality.
To date, more than 1,000 participants have realized the value of the ASUG/SAP Benchmarking and Best Practices program.

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