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Bernard Madoff and His Accomplices: Anatomy of a Con
Andrew Madoff and his brother, Mark, both worked on the legitimate trading side of their father's Manhattan firm, two floors removed from the private investment business where Bernard Madoff carried out his $65 billion Ponzi scheme over several decades.
An accounting executive who allegedly helped Bernard Madoff on his multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme was charged by the US authorities who are broadening their investigation into the fraud five years after it was uncovered.
The victims of Ponzi-schemer Bernard Madoff are about to recover a little more of the enormous sums of money they lost.
Summary: The wife of convicted fraudster Bernard Madoff claims that she attempted suicide with her husband after his multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme was exposed.
Washington, Oct 27 (ANI): The wife of 'Ponzi king' Bernard Madoff has said that they tried to commit suicide after the fraud scheme was exposed.
New york: The trustee seeking money for Bernard Madoff s victims is now seeking $19 billion from JPMorgan Chase, tripling the amount he hopes to recover from what was once the main bank of the imprisoned Ponzi schemer.
THE owners of the New York Mets baseball team turned a blind eye to jailed financier Bernard Madoff 's massive fraud, a new lawsuit claims.
A SON of jailed financier Bernard Madoff was found dead yesterday - on the second anniversary of his father's arrest.
THE lawyer in charge of recovering losses for victims of disgraced financier Bernard Madoff is suing HSBC for $9bn (pounds 5.
CROOKED financier Bernard Madoff has shown no sympathy for the "rich and greedy" victims of his pounds 40billion con that landed him 150 years in jail.
Bernard Madoff and his former penthouse apartment at 133 East 64th StreetThe couple who bought Bernard Madoff's Upper East Side penthouse duplex loved the rooftop terrace so much that they decided to look past the co-op's seamy history.