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Shout out their first top 10n entry to win a beer token.
Hardman was considering reviving tokens when he received a genuine 1881 Christian Moerlein beer token as a gift.
and all who agree to photos could be in for a free beer token.
This year's competition pits eight teams competing in the Keg Roll, Elevated Beer Pour and the Beer Token Trick Shot Contest.
Tickets cost pounds 10 and include a limited edition beer glass, a programme and a beer token.
Entry is pounds 10, which includes a limited edition beer glass, programme and beer token.
Entry to the festival is PS10 (PS8 for CAMRA members and students) including a glass and a PS5 beer token.
One particular joy is the Carlsberg Visitor Centre which is not only free but also gives guests two beer tokens each to taste various brands of probably the best lager in the world.
The cutback comes just a week after BT admitted dishing out pounds 25 beer tokens to computer staff to get them to attend pep talks.
Prize money: All cash paid in, paid out with subsidy of beer tokens from the pub.
BANK DRAUGHT: Bar owner John Bowler ready to use beer tokens
Prize money: First pounds 17, second, five beer tokens.