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When working on financial statements, 5% worked interactively, 27% manually, 19% in batch mode and only 1% mixed interactive and batch processing.
Extensions and estimates can be printed in batch mode.
The proven third-generation design enables companies to process single or recurring electronic check (ACH), credit card and debit card transactions in either real-time or batch mode.
It can be run with a 20-liter or 100-liter feed biocontainer on the system, and run in fed batch mode if process volumes are larger.
Batch mode uses an extensive number of forms, adding to the use's learning curve.
By integrating the eFunds ID Verification solution into our new account opening platforms, our customers will gain access to a market-leading solution that performs both ID verification and comprehensive watch list checking within a single, streamlined process in both real time and batch mode," said Virginia Garcia, global strategist for risk management and compliance at Fiserv CBS Worldwide.
Special features include single store batch mode and datalogging.
This "no training required" technology converts speech from a wide variety of input devices into text in an offline batch mode, and is perfect for "industrial strength" server-based applications where large volumes of audio need to be converted into text for searching, data-mining, storage, analysis and information archiving.