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Figure 4 reveals that the basic balance of payments is consistently positive over the whole period.
The AC has been handed a variety of added oversight functions that go far beyond a basic balance sheet.
Walking keeps your leg muscles strong and the less you walk the more you begin to lose basic balance skills.
Since the G2 comes equipped with interchangeable barrels, women can get the same feel of the grip, trigger and basic balance with lighter rimfire ammunition, while being spared the additional recoil and noise level of the much larger hunting cartridges.
From holistic health to new ideas in self-enhancement, this helps restore the basic balance between your mind and body by transforming your bath into a personal hydro spa, with thousands of massaging bubbles designed to relax your mind and revitalise your body.
I managed to get past Alesi after his second pit stop but soon after this I lost first, second and third gears which is a real shame as the basic balance of the car was good.
Combining the capital account with the current account, Malaysia's basic balance rose to 60.
Pay close attention to basic balance sheet items (such as debt as a percentage of capital), which can be easily determined from annual reports.
The basic balance represents the amount of short-term accommodating flows (after allowing for official government intervention in the foreign exchange market and a large balancing item) required to balance the capital account.
The basic balance further includes long-term capital movements while the overall balance comprises short-term capital movements as well.
First you go for basic balance, muscle strengthening and gait training," she said.
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