Basic Rate

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Basic Rate

1. See: Manual Rate.

2. See: Rate of Return.

3. See: Basic Rate of Income Tax.

4. The price for a periodical. Newspapers and magazines have separate basic rates for single issues and for subscriptions. It is more commonly called the basic price.
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These include lower basic rates, rate stability through price caps for basic cable and the cable programming satellite tier (CPST), more than $5 million in refunds, upgrade of all its cable systems and substantial support for public schools.
The vast majority of Sprint's customers are on a calling plan and do not pay basic rates.
Increases in line with basic rates of pay across the economy will help to achieve this objective and ensure that future increases in the NMW reflect the economic circumstances of the time.
The basic rate that is controlled by the city did not go up.
Meanwhile, AT&T customers already enjoy the lowest basic rates of any of the major long distance companies.
Local franchising authorities will have to be certified to regulate basic rates before such rates can be reduced.
1, 2003, its DISH Network satellite TV service will increase basic rates by $2 per month.
households are still paying basic rates for long-distance and how much they could save by using a discount plan.
As a result, there will be no change in the McKeesport and Rostraver Expanded Basic rates in effect on May 14, 1994.
Basic rates for in-state business long-distance calls for most mileage bands also will be reduced.
TCI of PA serves approximately 385,000 customers in Southwestern Pennsylvania; about 300,000 will be affected by the increases in Expanded Basic rates.

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