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Perhaps-just perhaps-still lying there is a baseball card or two that didn't get tossed out with that old shoebox.
Looking at baseball cards, however, allows us to examine evidence based on individual player characteristics, including 'perceived' race.
Baseball Boss allows gamers to collect and trade virtual baseball cards and assemble them into fantasy teams that can then be used to challenge other player-created or historical teams to games.
wide, this massive baseball card depicts the image of Fielder, who appears on the cover of the Topps 2013 Series 1 box.
With the fun and thrill of baseball card collecting now in an app, one wonders, where's the gum?
Limited Edition Ron Santo National Baseball Hall of Fame Collectible Art Popcorn Tin and Baseball Card - sold exclusively by Chicago Kernel Gourmet Popcorn - www.
These days I rarely think about my old baseball cards and comic books.
The card is so scarce because in the early 1900s, tobacco companies placed baseball cards in its packs.
The special sets of cards being developed specifically for National Baseball Card Day will feature some of today's brightest stars including Ken Griffey, Jr.
San Francisco Giants pitcher, Scott Eyre, beams and autographed digital baseball card from his LifeDrive(TM) mobile manager from palmOne to Giants fan Matt Crowley.
The legendary T206 Honus Wagner baseball card, previously owned by Wayne Gretzky, and once the top prize in a national contest conducted by Wal-Mart, has long been recognized as the most famous and valuable baseball card in existence.
Beckett Baseball answers that question in its September 2005 issue by announcing the inaugural class of its newly established Beckett Baseball Card Hall of Fame.