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A mandatory code of conduct should be considered for the Australian dairy industry to address problems caused by bargaining power imbalances between processors and farmers, according to recommendations made by the ACCC in its interim report from its inquiry into the industry, published today.
Among the key areas discussed as part of the analysis are: the bargaining power of buyers and suppliers, the barriers to entry, the intensity of rivalry, and the threat of substitution.
Relationship between leverage and the bargaining power of labor unions: evidence from theoretical and empirical perspectives
DAVE Roberts, prospective Tees Mayoral candidate, has, better than anyone for some time, just made the overwhelming case for the five councils of the Tees Valley to be scrapped (Bigger, better for bargaining power, The Gazette 27.
We present a bargaining power approach to wage determination to consider conditions which may impact workers' capacity to secure the benefits of rising productivity growth in their paycheques.
In this brief article I present a case for making the study of negotiations and bargaining power central to the further development of political economy.
The upcoming European Council is set to adopt a stronger language regarding energy dependency issues by focusing on the need to increase the EU's bargaining power on energy supply and integrate neighbouring countries within its own market, according to leaked preliminary draft conclusions.
With the bargaining power of their portable wealth under an independent tax regime, or even a wholly devolved one, it is the Scottish super-rich who could have the First Minister by the lemons.
Workers with good educations have more bargaining power and flexibility, and some local governments impose minimum wages.
He examines a core imputation with variable bargaining power, introduces bargaining power biform games, sketches a theory of intertemporal cooperative games, and closes with a theory of enterprise.
Tony had a lot more bargaining power and I paid him what he wanted,said Maloney.