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When the market is in a bust cycle, these organizations are in a position to acquire struggling competitors--often at bargain sale prices--implement an effective system of engineer asset management and create value for the company's shareholders.
Bargain sale: Finally, in the alternative, the Costellos argued that they had made a bargain sale of the easement to Howard County The court rejected the idea that a sale had taken place, noting that one of the options under the ALPP, which the Costellos refused, was to sell the easement to the county outright.
began a nationwide six-day bargain sale of vegetables Wednesday amid rising prices stemming from tight supply due to unfavorable weather conditions.
The Tax Court upheld charitable donations of conservation easements in a bargain sale, despite a requirement that, in the event of a later disposal of the property and extinguishment of the easements, the donee organization use the proceeds to reimburse the government agencies that funded the purchase.
Trusting the insight and honesty of his friend, Johnston sends Blissett poems that he is working on, and Blissett, in turn, sends his encouragement and criticism: "The Bargain Sale is one of the truly great: don't change a syllable.
Connecticut Water sold the land in a bargain sale that closed the gap of USD165,000.
A charitable installment bargain sale (CIBS) provides a term-certain payout that will extend payments to beneficiaries after the primary annuitants pass away.
It's just as well that some 10,000 Cardiff fans snapped up their season tickets in a bargain sale back last winter.
The ownership dispute was triggered by the special bargain sale of 309,000,000 shares on 12 May 2004 but the total shares claimed by me and my Company is 900,000,000 the balance was transferred in peace meal fashion to avoid detection of the fraud and transaction laundering that was being perpetrated.
The church's basis in the property received will be $6,400; this consists of the sum of the bargain sale price ($4,000) and the amount of Mr.
They have been lifted and thinned out and there has been a bargain sale of these surplus canes on the market for free.
If I had to say it in one word, it is the height of populism or a massive bargain sale,'' said Akira Amari, state minister in charge of administrative reforms.