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Meanwhile, a New York bankruptcy court judge extended an injunction against ILFC, Boeing and other creditors preventing them from seizing 25 aircraft before July 21, Reuters reported.
If a debtor files an amended return or files any returns that are past due while the bankruptcy case is pending, copies must be filed with the bankruptcy court at the same time they are filed with the Service.
The Bankruptcy Court recently denied AWI's motion to exclude Youbet and other interested companies from filing competing plans to acquire AWI.
We have an appeal pending with another court and we have filed for a motion for the bankruptcy court not to distribute the proceeds from the sublease until the appeal has been decided.
AS YOU HELP YOUR CLIENTS grow their businesses, you might want to investigate an often untapped source for asset acquisition that frequently offers bargain-basement prices: bankruptcy court auctions.
The Bankruptcy Court said the Tax Court had already rejected this position in Shipes, a case where the taxpayer was affected by the same citrus-tree-destruction program.
The debtor then filed a motion in bankruptcy court to determine tax liability and to object to the IRS's claim.
The Court answered the question whether foreclosure sales could be set aside by a bankruptcy court if the proceeds were less than an amount which a bankruptcy judge felt was close to fair market value.
Following Bankruptcy Court approval of the Disclosure Statement, the Company can begin the process of soliciting votes for approval of the Amended Plan.
Varig and the group of employees and unidentified investors who bid for the carrier, NV Participacoes, were granted another extension by Rio de Janeiro bankruptcy court Judge Luiz Roberto Ayoub, who had given the group until Wednesday to make a case for its BRL1.
6330(d)(1) to decide whether a bankruptcy court has discharged taxpayers from their unpaid Federal tax liability.