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Bank note

A term used synonymously with paper money or currency issued by a bank. Notes are, in effect, a promise to pay the bearer on demand the amount stated on the face of the note. Today, only the Federal Reserve Banks are authorized to issue bank notes, i.e. Federal Reserve notes, in the United States.

Bank Note

A note issued by a bank and accepted as money. In a fiat money system (that is, in all modern monetary systems), a bank note is the same as cash. In general, bank notes are issued by the central bank (or by a bank authorized by the central bank to print money) and are legal tender. It is also called paper money.

bank note

Currency issued and guaranteed by a bank. The sole issuer of bank notes in the United States is the Federal Reserve Bank.

bank note

the paper CURRENCY issued by a CENTRAL BANK which forms part of a country's MONEY SUPPLY. Bank notes in the main constitute the ‘high value’ part of the money supply. See MINT, LEGAL TENDER, FIDUCIARY ISSUE, BANK OF ENGLAND.
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State legislatures authorized private banks to issue bank notes redeemable in gold.
Equilibrium Where Bank Notes and Fiat Money Circulate
To Make Money all you have to do is match the left and the right side of any bank note bearing the same cash amount and you will win that cash amount.
bank note against law enforcement concerns about illegitimate activities, we do not foresee any immediate need to issue high-denomination notes.
The world's biggest bank note printer, which is closing a factory in the South and bringing the work to the Team Valley, said in a statement that its financial results are set to be in line with last year.
Back in February, the Reserve Bank and the government announced that Nobel Peace Prize winner's picture will appear on the countries new bank notes.
Dubai Police arrested an Asian man for allegedly attempting to sell a fake $1 million bank note for Dh450,000.
In the joining of the crowns and parliaments, Scotland retained its own bank notes and legal system, but our bank notes are not legal tender in any other country.
There will also be another gamecard with 8 more half bank notes in next Saturday's Mirror and next week's Sunday Mirror.
Firstly, everyone must have noticed that our bank notes are not being renewed as in previous years.
The deadline for the last recall of bank notes from the 1950s expired on 30 April 2000, with roughly Sfr242 million still outstanding.