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5% of outstanding debt claims for bad-debt reserves in three years.
It is meant to approximate the capabilities of an auditor with three to four years of experience, he says, but can't handle more complicated judgment issues An example: whether the company was setting enough aside in bad-debt reserves.
This legislation requires that 50% of the applicable excess bad-debt reserves be taken into income in 2002; the remaining 50% is never taken into income.
The FSC announced plan to curb price competition among banks by raising bad-debt reserves, to no avail so far.
Another $50 million is for an increase in bad-debt reserves and $15 million is related to the company's new credit-card plans.
The inventory and bad-debt reserves charges were recorded in the fourth quarter and are attributed to a change in both the average estimated loss due to the closing of the company's retail car lot as well as the adoption of a static pool analysis for bad debts.
Total bad-debt reserves of domestic banks reached only NT$200 billion now, against over NT$20 trillion of total loans, and it's questionable whether such reserves are sufficient enough to cover possible loss in the future, according to Lee.