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On the struggle to earn both enough to raise a family and a little respect I WRITE this anonymously on behalf of my husband as he, like most people, is scared of losing a job that, basically, he enjoys, despite terrible hours, Victorian attitudes and bad pay and conditions.
Hubbell, who directed a military compensation study group, wrote in the group's 1967 report, "Modernizing Military Pay": "In the process of trying to convince others of how bad pay was so it could get raised--because that was the only way it could get raised in the absence of any accepted standard for what it ought to be--the military sold its own career members on how poorly paid they were.
As recently as last March the Police Federation claimed that poor morale, bad pay and damaging publicity was plunging the Met into a recruitment crisis with the Yard admitting it was 700 officers down on its target strength.
That would work out at pounds 1,500 an hour over the two, five-hour matches - not a bad pay day considering all the 80 finalists have already won their eight-day trip to Denmark.