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Maxwell, of Romford, Essex, was head of security at the Backstock Festival at South Woodham Ferrers, Chelmsford, in August 2013.
According to Senn-Delaney's research, on average, supermarkets keep 62 percent of weekly department sales in grocery backrooms, even though they could operate efficiently with much smaller backstock inventories.
He also points to the development of backwall programs in which retailers sort backstock along a back wall of the storage area to reduce crowding.
Business focus manager for instore supply chain Dominic Price agrees that accuracy of backstock is critical: "We're working to design a new inventory management system instore which will help to deliver significant benefits and we have a highly reliable onshelf availability monitor that will give us tremendous information to prioritise availability on our fastest selling lines?
Products that limit 'sweeping' and provide a staging area for customer-accessible product while protecting backstock are viewed as being among the best options.
Fill empty spaces on the shelves with backstock and collect misshelved items as soon as possible.
We don't run out of product or equipment so we have quite a bit of backstock.
As 13-digit ISMNs will be assigned from January 2008 for both current and backstock items, they will start to appear in catalogue records from early 2008.
If you have sold through your inventory and you have no backstock, change the display to something you have plenty of.
The backstock (pearlescent paper) is the first part.
They will be feeling the pinch when business comes back this year as we know it will, and we're going to be ready for them, encouraging dealers to use our warehouse as their own backstock.
This new facility allows ShopKo to pursue growth opportunities in this geographical area, improve service to the stores, reduce backstocks and optimize network inventories," said William J.