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Continuing the SSA Global model of supporting customers for life, SSA Baan IV customers can leverage the web interface even when they choose to upgrade to newer releases.
The announcement that SSA Global has web-enabled the Baan IV platform was of particular interest.
Using iBaan, Baan Process Solutions will help to develop offerings that will allow current users of Baan Dimensions, Baan IV Process, Protean and PRISM to extend their existing enterprise systems with additional capabilities including Internet-enabled collaboration, business intelligence, customer relationship management and supply chain solutions.
The industry standard Baan IV benchmark test quantifies the number of end-users that can be simultaneously supported in the ERP application in a metric known as Baan Reference Users (BRUs), which Baan uses to size and configure applications for real-world customers.
Cap Gemini America and Trim Systems Company, a leading manufacturer of interior trim components for the heavy duty trucking industry, today announced successful implementation of a full-suite, Baan IV Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system at each of seven company sites in the United States and Mexico.
DENVER, April 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Vanenburg Business Systems USA (formerly Baan Business Systems MidAmerica) today announced Universal Manufacturing Company has signed an agreement to purchase the Baan IV Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, a world-class manufacturing management software system.
BaanCAPPS certification ensures that AutoTime's powerful labor collection and time and attendance functions will interface with Baan IV enterprise applications.
DENVER, March 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Baan Business Systems MidAmerica today announced Trend Technologies has signed an agreement to purchase the Baan IV ERP solution, a world-class manufacturing management software system.
Earlier this year, OptioDCS was certified with Baan IV ERP applications.
DENVER, March 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading integrator of the Baan IV software, Baan Business Systems MidAmerica, today announced the successful implementation of the full suite of Baan's ERP software for Adept Technology.
Attendance Functions for Baan IV Enterprise Applications.
The BaanCAPPS certifications for GE's software solutions ensure their compatibility with the Baan IV enterprise applications.