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5 percent is more than enough, projected to the full mailing to pay the cost of the BREs, but in all honesty it's certainly not a large enough difference in results to be statistically significant.
Another reason for the hesitancy of some marketers to include BREs is the "annoyance factor.
Founded in 1999 by real estate and technology industry experts, the company is backed by real estate operating companies and VC firms including SAP Ventures, Vortex Partners, Cohen & Steers, BRE, and Camden Property Trust.
BRE Properties is a $3 billion (total undepreciated book capital) equity REIT focused on the development, acquisition, and management of multifamily apartment communities in seven targeted metropolitan markets of the Western U.
Most BRE solutions only address decision support type rules, a small subset of the total business rules most applications require.
In a recent exchange on the Newsletter & Electronic Publishers' marketing listserv, a marketing manager reported, "We accidentally included BREs in part of a renewal series by mistake and were surprised by how many were returned with payments.