business process re-engineering

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Business Process Reengineering

The use of computers and information technology to improve a company's efficiency. For example, an automobile factory may automate and use more machines, rather than workers, to make cars. Because such companies need fewer workers, they often need fewer managers, who usually command higher salaries. Business process reengineering can increase the speed with which products are made (because machines can work 24 hours a day) and can reduce overhead (because the company needs to pay fewer employees). This is considered beneficial for consumers because it results in less expensive products. However, it is controversial, since some perceive BPR as a cause of unemployment.

business process re-engineering (BPR)

an approach to management which emphasizes the need to organize business operations in a multi-functional way rather than the conventional ‘compartmentalized’ way built round separate functions such as production and marketing.

Under the traditional functional-focused approach, employees tend to identify with ‘their’ own function rather than with the firm as a whole. Given, however, the growing complexity of modern business and the need to adapt to change quickly to remain competitive, BPR requires firms to take a holistic view of their operations stressing that everything which affects outcomes – processes, people, technology etc. – must be effectively coordinated across departmental boundaries. Thus the ‘focus’ of the business is clearly based on satisfying external customer needs as competitively as possible and internal processes are ‘re-engineered’ as appropriate to meet this objective. See DE-LAYERING, DOWNSIZING.

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A company can make a mutual recognition application to cover the countries in which it wants to market a product," explained Richard Roy, a toxicologist at REACHReady, a London-based consultancy which provides advice on the BPR.
The opportunities afforded by BPR qualifying investments should therefore be considered by individuals looking to reduce their IHT exposure.
Rules need to be modified to take advantage of the evolutionary strategy an integrated BPR and COTS implementation requires.
To maximize the quality and relevance of ERP training, it must integrate BPR concepts and take into consideration the various disciplines involved and the different types of competencies needed to effectively transform an organization.
However, business property must be held for at least two years in order to qualify for either 100% or 50% BPR unless certain conditions are met.
The first step was to establish a project management team to design and implement the BPR as well as ensure the accountability needed to deliver measurable business outcomes.
The improvements in process quality to be gained from BPR lie in three dimensions--process efficiency (e.
Profit-maximizing firms would not implement strategic business initiatives if they did not expect a net financial benefit from their use; however there has been little empirical evidence that demonstrates that ABC, TQM, or BPR improves financial performance in any industry.
If you are considering BPR, examine your reasons very carefully--they will probably indicate your probable success.
The program was approved as a statewide program by the Maryland Higher Education Commission, which makes it very unique in that any resident of Maryland, outside of Harford County, who decides to major in BPR, is granted a waiver for in-county tuition.
BPR-Bechtel is co-owned by Bechtel, one of the world's premier engineering-construction companies, and BPR, a Quebec-based engineering firm.