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The BND is able to make these cheap loans while still turning a tidy profit because its costs are very low: no exorbitantly-paid executives; no bonuses, fees, or commissions; very low borrowing costs; no need for multiple branch offices; no FDIC insurance premiums; no private shareholders.
Der Spiegel magazine, citing documents it had seen, said the BND had added the email addresses, phone numbers and fax numbers of the police investigators to its sector surveillance list.
Der Spiegel's latest report reveals that the BND also monitored nongovernmental organizations, includingAaAeAeA Care International, Oxfam and the Internation Committee of the Red Cross
Meanwhile, on June 1, a few weeks into the latest BND scandal, Merkel opened a"citizen dialogue" on"the good life.
The report also said the BND used its Bad Aibling listening post in Germanys southern Bavaria state to monitor telephone and email traffic in northern Pakistan to ensure the secrecy of the planned US Navy SEALS operation.
For now, the issue is being discussed in the media, but it is now evident that the Americans, with support from the BND, wiretapped French President Francois Hollande.
The BND has also been accused of monitoring EU governments
In his letter, Ambassador Ochoa also requested Commissioner Yusuf to include the salary of BND 520 per month, or USD 400, relative to the issuance of Borang Pesanan Kerja for Amah, and BND for unskilled and semi-skilled workers.
spy in Germany to leave the country in July after the Germans unearthed a double agent at the BND who admitting passing documents to American agents.
In his testimony, Drake claimed that cooperation between the NSA and Germany's BND greatly increased after the 9/11 terror attacks in the United States.
During the meeting, the President and the BND Vice President reviewed the case of kidnapping a German citizen and the security services ongoing efforts to release him safely and arrest the kidnappers and bring them to justice.
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