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025bn) loss booked by BCP for the nine months to September 2012.
La creation d'une holding commune [beaucoup moins que]Atlantic Bank International[beaucoup plus grand que], detenue a parts egales, permettra a la BCP d'etre l'actionnaire majoritaire des sept filiales d'AFG: 90,5% de BACI (Cote d'Ivoire); 53,5% de BABN (Benin); 78,9% de BATG (Togo); 55,9% de BABF (Burkina Faso); 54,9% de BAML (Mali); 77,6% de BANE (Niger); et 81,7% de BASN (Senegal).
It is interesting to note that when the Anglican church in Canada obtained its autonomy from the mother church in England, its first liturgical business was not a revision of the BCP but the production of a new hymn book
Few of them have knocked the immortal BCP from its pedestal.
Three representatives from Brant county council are board members of BCP.
The 2003 BCP statute provides the essential framework for the program, including basic eligibility requirements.
An interesting new alignment approach based on the BCP for orientation control of semiconductive P3HT was proposed.
Strategic BCP was one of eight vendors to place in this quadrant out of the 18 total BCM/BCP offerings evaluated.
As a result, BCP has a high proportion of 'interbank' liabilities.
As noted above, BCP and the BPRs operate as a nationwide banking network.
In this work, the effect of Zn concentration and sintering condition on phase behaviour and mechanical properties of Zn-doped BCP has been studied.
Treating BCP as an IT issue will not necessarily ensure treasury continuity.