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Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. A programming language that allows a programmer to interact with a program while it is running. BASIC is very simple and was designed for instructional purposes. However, it underlies both the DOS and Windows operating systems.

BASIC (Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code)

a simple COMPUTER programming language widely used by nonspecialists for programming computers.
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We wanted to make an app that any parent could pick up and build basic language skills with their children.
To make their subject understandable, the authors have tried to use basic language and have used concrete examples to illustrate suggested techniques.
In order to be effective for the client, whether on a targeted program or a broad program, the basic language of the industry is critical, said Guy Lawrence, executive vice president and managing director, of K.
The new findings, described in the March DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY, challenge current neuropsychological theories that consider basic language skills a prerequisite for memory development and assume that infants younger than around 9 months cannot store information about their surroundings in a systematic way.
The LDC1450 incorporates a Basic Language Interpreter capable of executing over 15,000 Basic instructions per second.
This training program aims to enable beneficiaries to acquire basic language skills, both oral and written, are essential to their integration into French society.
I'll have probably grown a beard and Jesse will have forgotten some basic language skills, having joined a pack of feral children who communicate like sheep.
of Chicago Law School) present law students with a general introduction to the basic language of contracts, commonly found provisions in "real-world" contracts, and the ways in which those provisions act and interact to a serve a party's positions and interests, drawing their examples from a database of documents that public companies have filed with the US Security and Exchange Commission.
Knight (California Polytechnic State University) establishes the basic language and concepts of motion, presents four applications of classical mechanics, extends the ideas of particles and energy to systems of liquids and gases, and explains the behavior of waves, optics, electricity, magnets, and atoms.
The society is calling on the Assembly Government to give the Welsh language official status, to establish a series of basic language rights for the people of Wales and to create a commissioner for the Welsh language.
Our software enables the deployment of cost-effective and efficient systems with basic language understanding capabilities for many of the world's languages.
While you create your pretty pages they convert your ideas into the basic language of the world wide web.

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