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The championship win was a major achievement for B2G Sports and its founders, Ron Allen and Henry Bell.
Musabih stressed that Dubai Customs launched the new initiative in cooperation with its key clients who have large number of daily customs transactions after conducting a survey to obtain their expectations about the benefits B2G would provide.
Iyad Moussa, Operations Director UAE -- TNT, said the number of cargo shipments cleared had doubled during the trial period, and the B2G channel would continue to provide value for their customers.
We are on the cusp of launching a groundbreaking product - the B2G (Braille to Go) a braille tablet for the blind- that may benefit from the ideas inspired among the Touch of Genius applicants.
B2G Diner is situated at the shops on Hailsham Ave and is MHC Social Enterprise, which is the trading arm of the charity Mental Health Care.
The effectiveness of both governments was blunted by B2G as it tried to ensure Iraq would have the kind of government that would make it an ideal ally of the U.
In light with the Dubai's vision to promote eGovernment services, Dubai Customs launched the B2G electronic channel, one of the most comprehensive declaration services which was developed for clients with high volume business in the region'.
Party will push B2B and B2G efforts, not only in Europe but in the United States as well.
Allen said Oregon purchased a scouting package from B2G Sports in fiscal year 2008, as well.
For example, Provotorov has identified new growth opportunities in the B2G, B2C and IT segments and spoke about how Rostelecom should become aa smart pipea.