tax rate

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Tax rate

The percentage of tax paid for different levels of income.

Tax Rate

A percentage of one's income that one must pay in taxes. Tax rates vary according to incomes. That is, one who makes $100,000 per year usually has a higher tax rate than one who makes $25,000. See also: Marginal tax rate, Average tax rate.

tax rate

The proportional amount of taxes paid on a given income or the given dollar value of an asset. If the tax is calculated on the basis of total income, it is the average tax rate. If the tax is calculated only on extra units of income, the rate is the marginal tax rate.

tax rate

the percentage rate at which a TAX is levied on income or expenditure. Tax rates are varied by government on social grounds (to redistribute income) and, as part of FISCAL POLICY, to increase or decrease spending.

tax rate

The percentage used to calculate various taxes.

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There is the view that the average rate will be calculated according to the taxable income that was earned at the date of withdrawal.
trade in goods and services widened slightly in July from its average rate in the second quarter.
Nearly all members who responded indicated that - despite the questionable policy decision to exclude noninterest bearing liabilities from the denominator of the interest rate determination and the corresponding increase in the rate of interest capitalization - their weighted average rates approached, but did not exceed, the long-term AFR.
7% average rate increase on homeowner policies and the 15.
The average rate on bank lending to legal entities in national currency was equal to 10.
Meanwhile, the average rate of Russian ruble remained at the same level of 0.
The average rate on a 15-year fixed mortgage remained at 2.
Currently, the average rate for the top ten pounds 7,500 loans is 6.
The total size of CBI's Sunday demand on US dollars had reached 156, 402,000 dollars, covered by the Bank at an average rate of 1,170 dinars per dollar," the bulletin reported.
On a 30-year, fixed conforming mortgage loan, credit unions had an average rate of 4.
The survey said the average rate per room at Beirut hotels was $246 in the first half of 2010, ranking the capital's hotels as the fifth most expensive in the region behind Dubai-Beach, Doha, Manama and Kuwait City.
Speaking at a recent hospitality panel at an Association of Real Estate Women luncheon, Bjorn Hanson, global leader of Hospitality & Leisure at PricewaterhouseCoopers, said rates have increased by 15% and revenue is up about 19%, with hotels seeing an average rate of $220 per night.

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