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To qualify for the"Save & Win Campaign", Commercial Bank customers need to have an active current or savings account (or both) with a minimum average balance of QR10,000 each month, the statement said.
According to the firm, the decrease in net interest income for the three month period in 2014 was due primarily to a higher average balance of FHLB advances-long term, a lower average balance of investment securities, a lower average yield on loans and a higher average rate paid on interest bearing liabilities, partially offset by a higher average balance of loans and a higher rate earned on other interest earning assets.
Customers who maintain a minimum average balance of OMR100 in their Al Mumayaz savings account are eligible to participate in the hourly prize draw.
In contrast, those in the same income bracket who saved only in a 401(k) had an average balance of $46,100, 28 percent less.
The disallowance is calculated by multiplying the dealer's nondirectly traceable interest expense by a fraction, the numerator of which is the dealer's average balance of exempt obligations, and the denominator of which is the dealer's average balance of total assets, less the balance of debt the interest on which is not subject to disallowance.
SBI currently charges penalty from customers for non-maintenance of monthly average balance in savings accounts.

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