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The suit also alleged LAFCU incorrectly used available balances rather than actual balances to determine whether to assess overdraft fees.
Whilst the majority of members applauded the bold yet equitable move by SAA s loyalty programme, SAA Voyager to change from a mileage-based to a revenue-based frequent flyer programme effective 1 February 2015, some members of the programme appealed that they were at a disadvantage in terms of redemption of Miles for SAA operated flights as available balances were awarded on the mileage-based structure.
They electronically hiked up available balances and deleted withdrawal limits on each card.
Under current law the Commissioner of Social Security may not pay benefits in excess of the available balances in a trust fund, borrow money for a trust fund, or transfer money from one trust fund to another.
The cash portion will be financed through $36 million in available balances and $180 in financing from Credit Suisse.
Sweep accounts, including the automated repurchase investment account and the euro investment sweep, are attractive investment alternatives for a growing number of businesses that want to maximize earnings on excess available balances without taking on substantial risk.
Census Bureau in fiscal year 2000, lower-than-expected expenditures and obligations resulted in available balances of at least $415 million.
Summit instituted the fee in conjunction with a change in its method of reporting available balances, a change that had been requested by its customers.
The redemption was funded with available balances on the Company's existing revolving credit facility.
SAL TODO" ( get all balances ) automatically shows current available balances in a text message.
Results in 1996-97 and 1997-98 were particularly good, with revenues higher than projections and expenditures lower, allowing record closing available balances reaching $1.
A mix of spending cuts, federal stimulus dollars, and the use of available balances, including a full drawdown of the then-available balance in the Education Stability Fund, were employed to maintain balance.