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Based on industry standard FIX and Thomson Reuters RFA interfaces, Thomson Reuters Matching API (MAPI) will replace AutoQuote and deliver greater capacity and lower latency for users.
Currenex brings its members innovative STP tools such as an API to integrate banks' autoquote systems with price requests from FXtrades, to ensure that all FX trading processes are managed efficiently and accurately between the buy-side and sell-side.
today announced that the Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX), has implemented TimesTen's real-time event processing software within their Equity Options AutoQuote System.
The Equity Options AutoQuote System is an options price quote calculator and quote generator used by specialists.
WebQuote licenses AutoQuote, which automates the sales process directly to suppliers.
In an effort to revolutionize its selling process, TelCom has developed an advanced AutoQuote System that gives its sales force, representatives and distributors instant on-line capabilities to run stock checks, obtain quotes, check lead times, place orders, view the backlog and request shipping information.
Pioneer's technical sales program coupled with our revolutionary, AutoQuote sales system will generate a new ease of doing business for the end customer.
2 /PRNewswire/ -- The first independent used car valuation service offering free telephone access on a toll-free 800 line has been initiated by AutoQuote, a Washington, D.
In order to address the concern of autoquotes (passive quotes posted by market dealers) raised by Chordia, Roll, and Subrahmanyam (2001), we retain only the National Best Bids and Offers (NBBO) quotes posted during a normal trading environment.
The EliteSeries will provide us with indispensable tools such as project management to improve job profitability and analysis; fully integrated web-to-warehouse capabilities to leverage the increasing role of the Internet, radio frequency capabilities to improve inventory accuracy and increase labor productivity, as well as the ability to interface with Autoquotes, which is crucial to the contract aspect of our business,'' said Bob Halpern, President of Foodserv.
com has entered into an affiliation agreement with AutoQuotes, a database and catalog company, to provide FSbuy.
The new service provides benchmark Autoquotes for futures and options on futures along with the most widely followed real-time analytical measurements of Autoquoted and market prices.