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Contract award notice: Supply of flow-through fuel cards for vehicles in the msa gironde automobile fleet (france-bordeaux: Agency fuel cards)
6 billion mark by 2022, on account of expanding domestic demand, growing automobile fleet and favorable government policies.
Her experience includes underwriting worldwide programs, specializing in property/casualty, automobile fleet insurance, surety, reinsurance placements and employee benefits programs.
The environmental improvements allowed the automaker to improve its United States automobile fleet fuel efficiency by 4.
Volume sales benefit from an automobile fleet that is larger and older than any in U.
reliance on ethanol to fuel the automobile fleet would require enormous, unachievable areas of corn agriculture, and the environmental impacts would outweigh its benefits.
If the United States were to raise the fuel efficiency of its automobile fleet over the next ten years to that of the Toyota Prius, U.
Through Senate Bills 1750-1759, Battin and Denham call for an analysis of state holdings - including a massive automobile fleet - and decisions on what to sell, what to keep, what leases should be renegotiated and how best to maximize spending power.
one of Cuba's largest state corporations, says it will spend $34 million this year to upgrade the automobile fleet of Havanatur S.
Elliott adds that China is only one of many countries that will expand their automobile fleet in the next half century.
Contract notice: automobile fleet insurance services and related risks for the metropolis
Rapid urbanization, expanding automobile fleet and increasing infrastructural development are some of the major factors anticipated to boost the demand for tires in the country over the next five years.
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