automatic dividend reinvestment

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Automatic Dividend Reinvestment

A practice or agreement in which dividends on a security are used to buy more of the same security, rather than disbursed to the investor in cash. Automatic dividend reinvestment is relatively common in mutual funds; investors agree to use dividends and other capital gains to reinvest in more shares of the mutual fund. While this involves assuming more risk in the mutual fund, it carries the possibility of higher returns.

automatic dividend reinvestment

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The Automatic Investment Plan gives customers the flexibility to create a customized plan that allows for one-time, or recurring weekly, monthly or bi-monthly investments for just $4 per trade.
Eleven years ago, ShareBuilder introduced an innovative online investing platform that allowed Americans to invest for the long term by lowering the barrier to invest in the stock market, instituting no account minimums, low commissions and the ability to regularly invest any amount through the Automatic Investment Plan.
If the gift giver would like to continuously add to their Gift of Stock purchase, ShareBuilder's Automatic Investment Plan allows you to set up recurring purchases on Tuesdays with a dollar amount that works for you.
Some brokerage firms or mutual fund companies will waive their minimums if you sign up for an automatic investment plan.
First National Bank of Omaha announced today the $529 Automatic Investment Plan (AIP) drawing.
Ten winners each received a $529 contribution to a Nebraska Educational Savings Trust (NEST) account as part of an Automatic Investment Plan (AIP) promotion.
She should instead put that money, along with the $3,000 already accumulated, into an automatic investment plan as part of a Uniform Gift to minors custodial account or 529 College Savings plan in 7-year-old Julian's name.
If the automatic investment plan is not chosen, the minimum investment is $3,000.
Investments made using the Automatic Investment Plan are not eligible.
com/ , will notice some new services: electronic delivery of documents, the ability to download account information into Quicken(R) and Microsoft(R) Money, online address changes, and the capability to change Automatic Investment Plans online.
The PortfolioBuilder applications, together with ShareBuilder's automatic investment plans, enable investors to create, purchase and manage their diversified portfolios.
ShareBuilder gives customers the power to create automatic investment plans in ETFs and stocks or buy and sell them real-time through a secure, easy-to-use online investing platform.

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