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2, 2007 with automatic extensions at the confirming bank's option up until Nov.
Automatic Extensions for Information and Exempt Organization Returns
Automatic extensions are granted unconditionally to any taxpayer who requests one before the spring deadline.
Automatic extensions: The regulations also provide simplified procedures for taxpayers to obtain automatic extensions of time to file certain returns and remove the signature requirement and the requirement for an explanation of the need for the extension.
In addition, the initiative calls for more efficient use of Form 5701 for proposing audit adjustments and eliminates automatic extensions of time for taxpayers to respond to 30-day letters.
James lauded the state legislature for passing what we called "key legislative actions" to support the construction industry, such as the Economic Recovery Fund Act, which earmarks $200 million for construction, and the Permit Extension Act, which provides automatic extensions for many contractors who could not build as a result of the recession.
These automatic extensions are available only if the taxpayer takes corrective action during the extension period.
The Agreement has an initial maturity date of October 1, 2010, but allows for automatic extensions to August 31, 2011 and July 1, 2012 upon the repayment and/or refinancing of the Company's $75 million Second Lien Term Loan and $175 million of Convertible Senior Notes, respectively.
Form 8633 requires the firm to select from the available e-file-provider options such as e-filing automatic extensions, participating in the federal/ state program and others.
The forum was devoted to a discussion of "administrat such as (1) differential interest rates and statute of limitations, (2) automatic extensions of time dates, (3) uniform protest periods and administrative appeals procedures, (4) state-imposed audit fe audits, and (5) automatic assertion of penalties.
The FTB has finalized a regulation on automatic extensions for returns by individuals, fiduciaries and partnerships required to be filed on or after April 15, 1992, reports James C.
The agreement also contains an "evergreen" provision which provides for automatic extensions beyond 2004 under certain conditions.
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